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Nature is our Inspiration. Let us be yours.

We are committed to helping others fulfill their dreams by instructing others in aromatherapy, skin care & product making, Reiki, and crystal healing therapies.  Nature is our inspiration. Let us be yours. 



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Are you interested in starting your own aromatherapy line? Olivia has consultation packages available for all the recipes, directions, sourcing and packaging you need to make your start-up a success from the start. 

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Olivia shares her knowledge of turning natural essential oils, herbs, energy work, and crystals into tools for healing, happiness, and living better. Check out our blog and Facebook page for all her tips, tricks, and recipes.

Olivia MacMillan is a certified and Registered Clinical Aromatherapist. She is also an herbalism student and Reiki Master. She is not a doctor. She believes that educated natural, holistic care in tandem with western medicine medical care  and quality natural ingredients are the path to balanced health and true wellness. As a modern-day apothercary, Olivia suggests consulting your doctor first before exploring any holistic treatment practices. She hopes her products and the recipes and information on her blog are a blessing of glowing health and wellness.